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Purchase MrCool DIY Equipment

All MrCool equipment purchases made through MsCool come with lifetime VIP technical support. Upon checkout, you will be given our tech support hotline which will allow you to speak to a live tech via video chat, who can help you through every step of your install.

Fixing an Air Conditioner

MrCool DIFY (Do It For You) Installation

Click here for an installation quote. This service is only available in San Diego County. Our team of professionals guarantee A+ results!

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MrCool Consultations & Service

Schedule an appointment for MrCool repair or service.


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Cool Time MrCool DIY 3rd Gen Highwall Minisplit

MrCool DIY Ductless Mini Split 3rd Generation Installation

MrCool Minisplit Quick Disconnect Lineset



Ms. Cool was so accommodating and professional. I would definitely recommend this HVAC company to my friends and family.  They do great work and are also very reliable. We will be calling them again for future projects we may need. 

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